South Plains Communications proudly offers a variety of additional services to assist you in any of your two-way communication needs:

  • FFC Licensing
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • Federal Communication Commission
  • Portable Maintenance Plan
  • Mobile Maintenance Plan
  • Full Package Public Safety Installs

  • 24/7 Emergency Service

  • Field/Bench Technical Services
  • In-house repairs, which allows for timely turnaround
  • Installations
  • Warranty Support
  • Quality service for your Motorola equipment
  • Flat rate Motorola depot repair option
  • Factory original parts inventory
  • Friendly and professional personnel that understand your needs
Industry Solutions
  • Industry Solution Radios
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Energy/Oil/Gas/Wind
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacture/Retail
  • Public Safety
  • Transportation
  • Utilities

FCC Licensing

Obtaining and renewing your FAA and FCC licenses is time-consuming and complex, let South Plains Communications handle all your FAA and FCC needs!

Federal Aviation Administration

  • Verifies Applicant’s Information
  • Ensure Tower Height and Location, does not interfere with air traffic

Federal Communication Commission

  • Verifies FAA and applicants data
  • Upon approval, issues license
  • Proper licensing prevents penalties

South Plains Communications…

  • Works with the FAA for tower approval
  • Works with the FCC for licensing
  • Works to obtain FCC renewals
  • Works with coordinating boards to ensure proper channel selection

Two-Way Radio Rentals

Rental Solutions

Efficient communication is essential in event coordination and South Plains Communications can help. With only a two day minimum on rental equipment, renting, instead of purchasing, could be the answer to help ensure the success of your next event. Whether you’re hosting a conference, tournament, parade or any large event, reduce your worry and stress, let SPC help with your communication needs.

Short Term Projects

When your job requires short term projects but two-way communication is essential, radio rentals could be the perfect solution to your situation. Rental reduces the investment cost, storage problems, maintenance, and upkeep.

Long Term Projects

If you are uneasy about dedicating your resources to equipment that you will out grow in a year or two, then talk to us about a rental solution. Long term rates are much more competitive than the posted short-term rates. When you need communications and you want to wait for the next generation of technology before making a long term investment then use the rental equipment to fill that gap between now and then. This is also a good solution for long-term construction projects, in many cases, the equipment you would rent for this job may not be a viable solution for the next, you want a clean break from the end of this project and the beginning of the next – rental equipment solves this problem.

Rental Equipment

South Plains Communications offers high-quality two-way radios equipment for rental, including; portable two-way radios, mobile two-way radios, repeaters, headsets, speaker mics, and batteries.

Portable Radio Equipment

This solution fits the bulk of the rental request. High-quality Motorola and Kenwood equipment. With proper advance notice, accessories are available for the portable radios.

  • Earbuds
  • Headsets
  • Some units support hands-free VOX operation
  • Surveillance type earpiece with microphone
  • Extra Batteries

Available in most of our service areas you may operate on a repeater system to give a larger coverage area or allow better building to building penetration when the need requires. These costs can be calculated into the rental contract.

Mobile Radio Equipment

When the job includes a fleet of vehicles or heavy equipment operators over a larger area these rugged Motorola and Kenwood radios do the job.

  • Costs of Install and Removal, and if needed FCC licensing, can be calculated into the rental contract.
  • Available in most of our service areas you may operate on a repeater system to give a larger coverage area, this can be rolled into the rental contract.
  • Headsets are available as an accessory if proper advance notice is given.

Repeater Equipment

These are available for more complex and longer term rental needs. When FCC licensing is required we will inform and assist you with everything needed, all fees and charges can be rolled into the rental contract.

  • For those times when special design of the situation requires an onsite repeater the Radius GR and Motorola CDR series units fit the bill.
  • Advance notice and planning are required to facilitate these special systems.
  • You can rely on our expertise in implementing these systems to make it as easy for you as possible to accomplish the goal of solid unit to unit coverage.
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Maintenance Agreement

As a customer, you have made a large investment for your two-way radio system. Having a maintenance contract will protect you from unexpected repair costs.

South Plains Communications offers the following Maintenance service agreements:

Portable Maintenance Plan:

This plan covers programming, normal wear & tear of the unit and will cover a replacement of a battery per unit (1 per year); this will not cover abuse of the unit.

Mobile Maintenance Plan:

This plan covers programming, normal wear-and-tear of the mobile; this plan will not cover abuse of the mobile or installs and removals.