Motorola Professional Portable Two Way Radios

Portable radios make dedicated two-way communications faster, clearer, and easier to use for users on the move. These practical radios can easily help increase productivity by keeping users communicating, while allowing them to concentrate on the job at hand.

dtr_pair_newMotorola DTR650/DTR550

The next generation of DTR550™ and DTR650™Digital On-Site Two-Way Radios for Small Business.

The better a team communicates, the more efficiently it operates. Motorola DTR Series digital on-site two-way radios are the power tools that enable that communication. Unlike alternative technologies, there are no monthly fees. No service towers. No per-minute charges. Moreover, these durable on-site two-way radios help businesses keep operations on schedule, maximize job shift productivity, enhance security and increase overall customer satisfaction.

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motorola_pr400Motorola PR400

VHF & UHF, 16 Channels

The base model Motorola PR400 has 16 communication channels and is the perfect choice for those working for smaller organizations that need to keep in touch with their colleagues and supervisors economically. Users can change to a side channel to discuss more complicated issues one-to-one.

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pr860Motorola PR860

VHF & UHF, 16 Channels

In large and small communities alike, people rely on police and fire departments to keep their families safe and their properties secure. In times of emergency and severe weather, they count on critical first responders and public utility workers.

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pr1500Motorola PR1500

VHF & UHF, 32 Channels

It’s specifically for these safety professionals that Motorola has designed the PR1500 Professional Series two-way radio. The PR1500 offers a higher level of durability, range and audio sophistication for those who need reliable communications in the toughest of conditions.

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motorola_ht750Motorola HT750

VHF & UHF, 4 and 16 Channels

The Motorola HT750 radio is the affordable solution for professionals who require a rugged and reliable radio to stay in contact. This practical radio can easily help increase productivity by keeping users communicating, while allowing them to concentrate on the job at hand. With the HT750 radio, communication couldn’t be easier.

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motorola_ht1250Motorola HT1250

VHF & UHF, 128 Channels

The Motorola HT1250 portable radio is an essential tool for growing organizations because of its unique versatility. The radio offers a full menu of advanced signaling features including paging or calling selective radios or groups. Users can store information such as phone numbers, call lists and radio IDs for easy access.

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motorola_ht1550Motorola HT1550XLS

VHF & UHF, 160 Channels

The HT1550·XLS radio showcases all the features of the HT1250 radio, and more. With it, users can transmit crystal clear messages with the noise canceling microphone; automatically retry another member’s radio while tending to other tasks; retain voice messages in a built-in storage area; and easily read commands on the large, four-line ideographic display.

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