Kenwood NEXEDGE® Portable Two Way Radio

NexedgeKenwood’s NEXEDGE® product line uses DSP-driven digital voice technology and supports FM analog as well as new digital fleets. Upgrading a NEXEDGE system conversion or expansions only requires software options and/or an increase in base station units meaning no “major” upgrades. Kenwood offers NEXEDGE conventional, conventional IP network, trunked and wide area trunked IP networks with secure digital voice and advanced digital feature sets for both the government and business sectors.

NEXEDGE products are powered by NXDN digital air interface, which is an FDMA digital access methodology with optimized DPS coding, AMBE+2 voice coding technology, unique filtering and a 4-level FSK modulation technique that produces a low bit error rate (BER) digital performance at even the weakest RF signal strengths.

Models available:

  • NX-200/300
  • NX-210
  • NX-220/320
  • NX-240V/340U
  • NX-410/411
  • NX-420
  • NX-700(H)/800(H)
  • NX-720HG/820HG
  • NX-900/901
  • NX-920G
  • NXR-700/800
  • NXR-710/810
  • NXR-900/901

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